I love Brittany's met con class and have been going to the studio for over a year. The new location is BEAUTIFUL! It's so much more spacious and has plenty of restrooms and changing rooms. They also added a spin room, and my fiancé has been doing that while he's recovering from an injury. It's so convenient to have this many options in one place. I can't rave enough about this place!

Aubrey H., Washington, DC

Four years ago, I started taking Pilates classes from Mike to help a painful back injury and generally get into better shape. Pilates totally healed my back pain but, more importantly, I found a new and wonderful passion that I think I will maintain for life. Taking Pilates at Reformation Fitness with so many fantastic teachers and teaching styles has made me into a more confident and healthy person. Pilates strengthens my body, but more importantly, focuses my mind. Four years in, I love the practice more and more!

Ilana Ron L., Washington, DC

Reformation Fitness is a fantastic fitness studio! The classes are always challenging, the instructors and other patrons are friendly, and the space is clean and efficient. I only take the TRX/Kettlebell classes, but I love every second of them. I always leave feeling like I worked hard for every minute of the class, yet every class seems to fly by! I have tried TRX/Kettlebell classes at other small studios in DC, and Reformation is definitely the best. Prices are comparable to other similar studios, but you get more out of the class because the instructors are so knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive. I plan to continue coming to Reformation classes for a long time!

Julia M., Washington, DC

Mike is one of the most talented pilates reformer instructors in the greater DC area. His classes are challenging and engaging, he constantly varies the choreography, and he tailors each class to the wants and needs of his students. Last but not least, the classes are FUN. I look forward to each session, and get stronger each and every time!

Kristin C., Washington, DC (Dupont Circle)

Best fitness bang for your buck. The instructors have an uncanny ability to push you to your limit in the TRX/Kettlebell classes while keeping the exercises varied and interesting. You’ll be working much harder than you realize and be able to bang out an unparalleled cardio and strength workout in 50 minutes!

Zaak B., Washington, DC

Such a lovely addition to the neighborhood. This place un-does all the damage to my body that happens when I sit at a desk all day. Love the small class size and I've never had an issue with the spaces.

I think I've taken classes with every reformer instructor at this point, and they are all great. Anything with Misook is going to be a challenge--almost like a bootcamp reformer class--but don't be scared away by it. Her CoreBlast stability ball class is also super challenging but fun for something different.

The TRX classes are great supplement for when you want to get more muscle work and get your heart pumping.

D. E., Washington, DC

I absolutely love this gym. The TRX/Kettlebells class with Erin has become my Sunday ritual. Class size is relatively small, so there's lots of room for personal attention and help from the instructor. Everything is modifiable, so you can work up a sweat whether it's your first time doing TRX/Kettlebells or your 100th. Every time I come here, I feel challenged and walk away really pleased with my workout. Overall, I highly recommend this class!

Mila M., Washington, DC

The TRX/Kettlebell classes are challenging and a great cross-training workout. The small class sizes make it feel more intimate, and you know that someone is watching to make sure you're working and doing the moves correctly. The Pilates classes are high energy and intense as well. I really enjoyed Butts & Guts. Despite the distance [the studio is] from me, I keep buying packages and coming back for more.

Becca S., Washington, DC (Dupont Circle)

Reformation Fitness has been a life changer. Sounds like hyperbole but in my case, it's actually true. My body has changed dramatically. I've never been as lean and strong as I am today; I absolutely love and look forward to every class, whether it's 8 am on a Saturday (eek!) or late evening after a long day at work.
Every class is challenging, but fun and effective. Haven't done the reformer before and feel intimidated? Fret not, your instructor will pay extra attention to you and guide you through the class. Pilates fiend who's been doing reformer, chair, and mat work for a while? There are classes that will work for you, too, and push you in ways you've never been pushed before. (Guaranteed.)

Not only are the instructors superfriendly and take genuine interest in each person, they make sure to challenge everyone in the class. Those same instructors have so much personality and passion, it's hard not to get that extra motivational kick you sometimes--or perhaps often--need.

Whether you're a newbie or at a more advanced level, you'll find a home at Reformation Fitness. There isn't a place I'd rather be when working out.

Camille T., Washington, DC

This gym is the best in the city. As a former Division I athlete, I am in better fitness shape now after being a member [than I was in college]. The instructors are so personable, welcoming, enthusiastic, and encouraging. And I have made awesome friends while I sweat. Life-changing. I am totally obsessed in the best way! Hope to see you there!

Katie M., Arlington, VA