Walk the Plank

Group Reformer

Want to give Reformer a try? There’s no time like the present. We offer the following introductory rates to both new members and those new to the Pilates Reformer.

- Trial Offer: 2 sessions for $29
- New Members: 6 sessions for $150

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Opened October 2015

New Location

Join us at our brand new, state-of-the-art location. Two levels. Four studio suites. Reception. Retail.

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Slams & Squats

Studio Classes

Our TRX/FIT, MetCon/HIIT, yoga, mat Pilates, and Spin classes are just what the fitness doctor ordered. We offer the following introductory rates for new members and those new to our studio classes.

- Trial Offer: 2 sessions for $19
- New Members: 6 sessions for $90

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Reformation Fitness Family

Find out what makes us different. Class options and membership plans to fit every fitness level.

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Welcome to our studios

Specializing in small group, integrated fitness classes

If you’re looking for a challenge, we’ve got that covered. If you’re looking for instructors that are focused on form while maximizing your results, we’ve got that, too. If you’re looking for accountability, just ask our members why they show up every day.

We’re not just a gym, we’re the Reformation Fitness family.

Our members have seen amazing results, including:
• Increased lean muscle mass, overall strength and power
• A stronger core, back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs
• Improved neuromuscular efficiency and body awareness
• Higher cardiovascular endurance and conditioning
• Enhanced coordination, balance, mobility and agility
• Reduced strains, fewer injuries and faster recovery times
• Greater flexibility and restored postural alignment

We’re confident that if you give us a try, you’ll invariably come back for more. Take advantage now, and sign up for one of our trial offers. Check out our Group Reformer and Studio Classes pages for more information.

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